Benefits of sourcing for Singapore wedding videography services online

wedding videography - research online

This comes to us when we are preparing for our wedding – should we get some one to be in charge of the videos for our big day? Cost is definitely going to be a big factor, however, do we really want it? Is it really a need?

We learned this: If there is one wedding aspect that you cannot afford to compromise on, it is the videography. When all is said and done, the only thing you will be left with to remember your wedding day is the pictures. Therefore, it is imperative that the Wedding Videography service in Singapore that you obtain be the best. We read up some good information about it here: The site has some good advices which we found really useful, we like how it gave us tips on finding a good Wedding Videographer‏ in Singapore

Range of options

The internet offers you access to a wider range of options as far as videography services are concerned. You will be able to obtain the online resumes of professionals who are not even in your locale. As long as the price is right, most videographers would be willing to travel a while to reach your wedding destination.

wedding videography - research online

The internet offers you exposure not just to a bigger number of professionals, but also a wider array of videography styles and techniques. This will ensure that you have more choices with regard to how you want your wedding pictures to look like. You may even end up picking a style whose existence you did not even know, prior to sourcing for videography services online. Online searches are therefore great tools for enabling people to think outside the box when it comes to the wedding pictures. Use the internet to your advantage.

wedding videography - research online


Do you have any idea of how much time it takes to go from one office to another in order to find a good videographer?

When you are planning for your wedding, time is not a resource that you will have in plenty. Sourcing for videography services online is much more convenient. All you have to do is list your requirements, and search based on your set criteria. You can always save the links and access them later. You can also ask professionals to contact you, which many of them will.

wedding videography - research online

Bottom Line

For the best wedding videography Singapore services, make the internet your friend. Getting the right professional to do the job will be much easier.




4 Reasons You Should Rent a Tuxedo For Your Wedding

look good in that suit!

Are you wondering about what outfit you should purchase for your wedding? Do you feel that a tuxedo is not within your financial reach? Have you ever considered renting a tuxedo for your wedding?

You need to familiarize yourself with wedding tuxedo rental Singapore services in your locale. Renting tuxedos is by far a much better option than buying. There are quite a number of reasons for this. Do note that the price for tuxedo rental in Singapore is very affordable. That is what my younger brother did for his wedding and yes, the benefits are much better than you buy it. Because there are many factors to consider when buying it. Maintaining it is a big cost already, and what are the chances of you wearing it again?

Read on.

Be Trendy

While the basic structure of the tuxedo stays the same, there are certain trends that change with each fashion season. If you buy a tuxedo in a certain season, that outfit may not be trendy the next time you wear it after your wedding.

Rental shops for tuxedos on the other hand, keep on restocking their supply every time something new and popular is created. You can therefore rent a tuxedo for your wedding, which is suited to the current trends.

Save money

A tuxedo is an outfit that requires money to purchase. To make matters even worse for your pocket, you may need to spend even more money to buy the accessories that go with it. These accessories can break your wedding budget if you choose to buy the ones that you need.

tuxedo rental benefits


When you buy a tuxedo, you are stuck wearing it for a very long time. If you tend to move within the same circles, soon people will realize that you keep on wearing the same outfit repeatedly. After all, what else are you supposed to do when you spent so much money on the outfit?

tuxedo style


In order for a tuxedo to stay in peak condition long after your wedding day passes, you need to spend some time and effort into taking care of it. You will need to find a big enough storage space that is located away from direct sunlight. You will also need to keep the moths away from your very expensive outfit.


Wedding Preparation – Different Food Cuisines

wedding buffet

During your wedding, food plays a very important role. It is the stuff that connects people, to open conversations, to spark topics among old friends, strangers and relatives that have not seen each other for some time, or maybe it serves as an ice breaker to open conversations.

Couples tend to like to order caterings, buffet style or maybe western style, but the main gist it to be free and easy as well as letting people mingle around.

wedding bride

Some simple snacks like quartered sandwiches with the crusts cut and artfully arranged is a regular crowd favorite, and you can surprise your guests with interesting fillings. While ham and cheese are popular, you might want to try chicken salad, crab and cream cheese, and tomato and basil. Try to suit the food to the weather as well; during a summer reception, your guests will thank you for those cool cucumber sandwiches!

For the drinks section, you can consider affordable wines, look around your area for good ideas and bargains. You can often get some discounts if you buy several cases from the same seller. Especially if your wedding party is larger, you may want to consider shopping online; there are some wonderful bargains available if you know where to look. You can also have a completely non-alcoholic wedding party as well, substituting sparkling grape juice; then pregnant mothers, children and non-drinkers and can enjoy it as well.

BONUS: What is the purpose of a Wedding Cake on, well, Weddings?

Mostly, couples serve wedding cake at a reception and it traditionally happens to those who married. It is serve for their guest, it usually a large cake, multilayer and heavily decorated with icing and topped with a small statue of a couple. Other prefer to includes dove, ladder, golds and rings in their cake that it symbolizing good luck to newly weds.

bride-433647_1280 wedding buffet wedding cake purpose

Between things like the clothes and the venue rental and the flowers, it can be easily to forget how much the different varieties of  food styles for a wedding adds up. Depending on how large the wedding party is, it is possible for the food costs to spiral up to thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are many ways to cut costs and still have a great time!

Wedding Schedules – What we learned and gone through

wedding preparation

Planning your time well and realistically is an important aspect for wedding timeline.

It can be a disaster to have a wedding that has no specific time schedules. This is because the guests may concentrate on one event and forget the others. The time schedule should be strict but not unrealistic. It should allow ample time for some activities that are fancied by the guests present.

As mentioned earlier, planning for a wedding is not a easy task. There are so many things that need to be put in place. However, it cannot be without some hitches. This essay has presented what I term as the major tips to plan a wedding.

wedding banquet

When we planned for our wedding, we basically prepared it well… initially. As the date drew near and we felt that we have been doing and preparing for various wedding stuff, looking through things over and over at it, it kind of became a very mundane, boring and at times frustrating.

We then took things for granted and kinda slacked off.. and even though our initial plannings are good, we kind of became panicky at the last few months… the key is, you need to be consistent throughout – Not Easy.

Share roles with each other

Planning for a wedding and implementing the plan can be overwhelming. The work cannot be done by one person. It is therefore prudent to assign different activities to different people. For example, the one in charge of the reception should be the one in charge of the meals. Such sharing of roles ensures that the activities run smoothly and that the transition takes the shortest time possible.

License for wedding venue

Some jurisdictions have strict procedures on the venues of the wedding. It is therefore prudent to check before hand with such laws and ensure they are followed to avoid embarrassments. Where licenses and security details are necessary, they should not be sought at the last minute. Such things may appear minute but may derail the wedding or result to embarrassments.

Although not directly relevant, but what happened for a couple friend is that they actually forgot their identification cards during the the signing of the wedding certificate when registering their wedding – they had to rush back to get it!